Suburban Myth

Sick Feeling

Suburban Myth

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Suburban Myth

Released: January 20, 2015
Format: LP / CD
Digital Download: iTunes

1. Gave Back (Suburban Myth Part 1)
2. Not No (Sick Feeling)
3. Liberal Arts
4. Natural Ice
5. I’m Chafing
6. The Americans
7. Suburban Myth (Part 2)
8. Frauds
9. Ambition
10. Strangers
11. The Party

As a debut album, Suburban Myth offers a viable (and vital) artifact of what it means to be young and fucked up and turned off by self-defeating ennui. Which is to say that the worst possible thing would be to confuse this band with the past-due punk of pessimism and power chords. Sick Feeling is the sound of American nostalgia being turned inside out.